Athletic Identity: Invincible and Invisible: The Personal by Dr. Mark D. Robinson

By Dr. Mark D. Robinson

The athlete is a secret to many and the adventure athletes come upon contain a few complicated occasions that over the years can result in limitless luck in and out of doors of the carrying atmosphere. besides the fact that being an athlete additionally brings on complicated matters and calls for a different set of private improvement providers particularly built and meant for the athlete.

Unlike every time in our activities background, athletes require a selected set of non-public improvement providers to help of their total own improvement. men in addition to girl athletes, from numerous social financial backgrounds are conducting damaging and from time to time felony habit. additionally all athletes will event a transition from the adolescence point, collegiate point and if lucky at the expert point. This ebook grants a ancient review, researched established thought and extra importantly tools of software particularly focusing on the athlete.

Athletic identification: Invincible and Invisible, the non-public improvement of the Athlete, is ready the adventure all athletes face because of their participation in activity. The publication examines the function athletic identification performs in an athlete’s own, social improvement. The ebook additionally introduces distinctive phases all athletes input and go out whereas fascinated with activities participation. The booklet is comprises years examine to supply the mandatory curriculum and functional process wanted whilst delivering holistic own improvement prone for athletes.

About the writer - Dr. Robinson got his BA and MS levels from Indiana collage. His Masters in Counseling and counsel allowed him to check the position of counseling in athlete habit. Dr. Robinson then obtained his doctorate from Manchester collage, in Manchester England, which had an emphasis on athlete habit and perceptions of counseling providers afforded to athletes. Dr. Robinson is the founding father of own participant improvement LLC, and private participant improvement journal. Dr. Robinson has labored with athletes from all sectors for over twenty years concentrating on athletic identification which include the non-public, social improvement of the athlete, permitting a chance for athletes to arrive greatest progress. As a faculty athlete Dr. Robinson performed basketball for the mythical Bob Knight and later as a world expert athlete in a few international locations around the globe.

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