Battle for the Cosmos by Caleb Rigsby

By Caleb Rigsby

conflict among the sunshine and Darkness is spilling into usual existence. From a depressing legal, the darkish One makes use of the innate weaknesses of the populations of the cosmos to deprave and ruin the interior mild of all beings. Darkness isn't really silly. It is familiar with tips to unfold battle, ailment, and distress around the cosmos; to weaken the unravel of individuals and switch them opposed to the sunshine. A millennia of conflict among the 2 forces has shaken the cosmos to the sting of destruction because the gentle grows weaker and thousands die.
Charles Grove is a hero of the good Cosmic warfare which introduced Earth out of its isolation into an age of interstellar politics. The defeat of Kronos and the destruction of the Agonian Empire has now not stopped the cosmos from fragmenting into chaos. As chief of the mother or father Order, a revered diplomat of Earth, Charles believes he needs to unite the cosmos opposed to a better evil emerging from a millennia of imprisonment. Kronos used to be a style of the evils lurking within the shadows ready to envelop the cosmos eternally. The cosmos needs to unite or die!
The riser of the darkish One will instigate occasions within the cosmos that turner former allies into sour enemies. Darkness weeds itself into the politics of countries and should flip Charles and the mum or dad Order right into a vilified abomination. whereas scuffling with to revive the attractiveness of the dad or mum Order, Charles needs to shield those he loves from the encroaching evil. the traditional warfare among the sunshine and Darkness enters its ultimate section: Darkness is going at the offensive to dominate every little thing Charles is destined to protect.
The battles to return will strength Charles to choose from future and love. Is the cosmos worthy saving if it capacity the lack of his friends and family? The id of the darkish One will strength Charles to settle on the happiness he wishes or the security of trillions of lives around the expansive cosmos. hope results in Darkness for it really is hope that allowed Darkness to extend because it has. Charles‘ offerings within the upcoming conflict will lead to both the annihilation of Darkness or the destruction of the father or mother Order and the sunshine within the cosmos.

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