Choosing Your Words, Crafting Your Life: A Compilation of by Jean A. Costa

By Jean A. Costa

remodel Your existence by means of altering What You inform Yourself—It’s That Easy!
Take cost of your individual happiness with this nurturing, empowering compilation of confident affirmations and tales. determining Your phrases and Crafting Your lifestyles will inspire you to first study your individual “self-talk.” Are the conversations you have got with yourself—the words you utilize to explain yourself—empowering? positive? Or are they unfavourable and demeaning?
This publication may help you are making wide awake offerings approximately the way you converse to your self. via growing strong, optimistic affirmations, you could come to a decision the way you are looking to dwell, what you need to switch, what you must enhance, and what you need to totally have fun with on your existence. picking out Your phrases and Crafting Your lifestyles presents the instruments you must write your personal existence tale, besides examples of putting forward statements designed that will help you reside a lifestyles jam-packed with the entire pleasure and benefits you deserve!

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बेस्ट ऑफ अल्हड़ बीकानेरी दोउ कर जोरे, खीस निपोरे हर वोटर पर डालें डोरे चपरासी को बोलें चाचा पुलिसमैन को कहें पिताजी वोट माँगन निकले नेताजी।चाल रेशमी, ढाल रेशमी काँधे ऊपर शॉल रेशमी सिर पर खादी-कैप ओढ़कर लगें लोमड़ी के फूफाजी वोट माँगन निकले नेताजी।आगे झंडे, पीछे डंडे दाएँ-बाएँ दस मुसटंडे आरती-वंदन करे चमचियाँ थैली भेंट करें चमचाजी वोट माँगन निकले नेताजी।घर-घर डोलें, वोट टटोलें नई दुल्हन को बहना बोलें दूल्हे के आगे मिमियाएँ ‘वोट हमें देना जीजाजी’ वोट माँगन निकले नेताजी।—इसी संकलन सेसुप्रसिद्ध हास्य-व्यंग्यकार श्री अल्हड़ बीकानेरी सन् 1962 से ही श्रोता-पाठकों को गजल-गीत की रसधारा में डुबकियाँ लगवाते रहे हैं। जिन सामाजिक रूढ़ियों, आर्थिक दुश्‍च‌िंताओं, राजनीतिक विडंबनाओं, प्रशासनिक विसंगतियों तथा क्षणभंगुर जीवन की विद्रूपताओं ने कवि के अंतर्मन को भीतर तक कचोटा है, उन्हीं का कच्चा चिट्ठा हैं, अल्हड़जी की ये श्रेष्‍ठ कविताएँ।

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So much folks battle through comparable stories at various phases of our lives. this is often proven through Solomon in Ecclesiastes while he acknowledged that ‘what is, has been prior to, there’s not anything new lower than the sun’. it can be a cliché that it’s the way you react to these situations that makes a distinction, however it is correct.

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